Aluminum wire was utilized in the mid 1960’s towards the late 1970’s. It’s difficult to acquire aluminum wire in homes built after 1980. This kind of wire can be found in homes which have had electrical upgrades or electrical work performed within the 1960’s and 1970’s. Aluminum wire could be recognized by its aluminum or silver color. A good option to find out detail wires exists would be to check within the electrical panel box. Look in which the electrical wires affix to the breaker screws. Also consider the electrical ground wires because they’ll be exactly the same material because the hot wires. Solder coated wire also looks silver so take care not to confuse the 2. The first is a possible fire hazard and something isn’t.

Aluminum wiring is going to be labeled on the outside of from the wire coating. Often the words aluminum or Alum is going to be placed on the outside of wire sheathing. It is sometimes hard to locate so the best way to find out if alum wire exists would be to look within the primary panel box.

Aluminum wire was manufactured like a less costly option to traditional copper electrical wire. One drawback during the time of its introduction was that it’s less capable in transporting electrical current then traditional copper wire. This problem was circumvented by using bigger wire sizes to hold current with the new wire.

There are many important potential issues connected using this type of electrical wire. The wire could possibly get loose from under its terminal screws and also at receptacle connections because of expansion and contraction from the wire. This kind of wire is much more susceptible to overheating because of the potential of loose connections both in the terminals within the electrical panel and also at its connections to individual electrical outlets. This kind of wire can also be softer then copper wire, which makes it simpler to break or crimp. Broken or crimped wire may cause heat to develop and finally result in a fire. A lot of the aluminum wire used was poorly manufactured as well as poor workmanship. Because of its possibility to overheat there has been house fires which were directly related to the kind of wire used in your home.

Because of the potential fire issues manufactures redesigned electrical connectors, switches, and receptacles to higher accommodate the development and contraction from the wire. These recently designed switches and receptacles were designated through the word CUAL or CO/ALR. The CO/ALR designation is more suitable since these switches and receptacles are usually better engineered to support the wire. Even the electrical panel itself should be particularly designated to be used using the wire.

The very best and safest method of aluminum wire would be to rewire the house. This is actually the only true approach to elevate the danger connected using the wire. When the wire is stored active the other must make certain that all the electrical switches, boxes, panel and connections are aluminum compatible. In certain municipalities a corrective measure known as pig-tailing might be implemented. Pig tailing is the procedure of connecting copper wire towards the finish from the aluminum wire. This isn’t suggested since it creates overcrowding in panel boxes, switches and electrical receptacles. Over crowding features its own group of issues for example overheating. If you convey more then expected electrical connections there’s an elevated chance of fire.

Aluminum wire isn’t manufactured any longer with valid reason. Only one must be careful because there are many homes that also have active aluminum wire being used. An expert examiner will appear for the existence of aluminum wire while performing your house inspection.

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