How To Hire Your First Marketer For Your Company

If you’re thinking about hiring your first ever marketer, you’ve come to the right place. We know just how daunting this process can be. And, if you really think about it, it never gets easier no matter if you’re fully established or you’ve just started up. Our article dives deeper into what you need when you’re looking to hire your first marketer based on the knowledge given by Sarah, a Senior Consultant.

Think About Seniority Level

One of the key things you’ll need to think about is if you need a “do-er” on a relatively small budget. When most companies are just starting up, they’ll have a tight budget to work with. However, if you’re in this position, don’t be afraid to hire your mid-level management staff first. After all, you’re going to want to have happy individuals who can roll their sleeves up and get down to business no matter where you may need them.

Company Size

No matter the size of your establishment, you’ll be needing people who can work with you and properly handle the autonomy and responsibility that comes with being in a start-up position. And if your potential candidate is used to larger teams and lots of cash, it just may take them quite a while to adapt. So be sure to exercise some patience.

You Can’t Have Everything

Ever heard of not being able to have everything? In most cases, start-ups tend to desire those who are absolutely great at everything. And when we say everything, we mean someone who is more than just average when it comes to PPC/SEO, managing all of the events, copywriting and of course tackling the sales with hard game. However, you’re almost never going to get one marketer that is a master of all of these desired skills.

So, it’s best to keep in mind that even though they dealt with a full plate at their last job, you may want to look into outsourcing as you see it fit. This is simply due to the fact that your marketer will do the best that they can and you’ll also need to give some room as they grow and excel within your company. In no time you’ll see just how excellent they truly are.

How Do You See the Team Growing?

Since you’re considering hiring a marketer, you’ll also want to think about the future of your team. So, if you think that you may want an event specialist or even a content creator that will aid to focus on your overall brand, you’ll want to ensure that your marketer can fit into many areas. And if he or she is quite the generalist and they’ve taken a love to content creation, it may be quite challenging if you desire a specialist within the same area later on.

Do You Have a Budget?

Most of the times, marketers will be familiar with working with pretty tight budgets. And it’s a great idea to let them know the maximum before they get to work on your projects. A budget will aid as they stay on track and put focus where it is needed. So, keep in mind that those who are used to large amounts of money won’t always be able to use the least and get the job done; be sure that you have an answer to this before you schedule any interviews.

Do You Need More than One Marketer?

As we’ve said before there are certain specifics that you’ll want to think about as you continue to plan for the future. So, if your schedule is cramped with events and you’re expecting strategic planning when it comes to your events, you just may need to consider a second hire. In other words, hiring a junior Events Executive along with your Head of Marketing might just work for you.

Growth Potential

Most of the times, a new hire is simply joining because they see much potential for their career in the future. So, don’t forget that some persons are simply looking to get to the top and one day become a Director or even a Stakeholder as things progress. Head of digital marketing jobs can open up many options for people, so before you hire anyone, ensure that they truly have potential to be a Director in the long run so that you don’t end up in problems later on!

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