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Finally, you'll want to see and hear about the results your prospective coach bag sale has achieved in their career, both as a coach and before. You will also want to see and hear testimonials from a range of clients. You should also be able to contact them directly to get some first-hand feedback about your coach. Don't take slick salesmanship at face value in this market and look for real results. This is especially important with the bigger companies and franchise operations, as they may have long track records and success around the globe but when it comes to leadership coaching, it is the individual coach sat with you that is important, not the business behind him or her. You will be working with an individual and it is the knowledge, skills and tools that they use, and the rapport that exists between you, that is so important. Therefore whether you are employing a lone practitioner or a team from a big company, look carefully at each individual and test each one out. A short trial session between coach and coachee will usually be enough to tell whether the relationship is going to work or not.Coaching is all about making big changes that produce big results - for you and your business. If this were easy then you would do it yourself. It isn't and that is why you employ a couch outlet. Your coach must place you and your needs first, but in doing this they will need to take you through a challenging process. You may find this difficult at times and a good coach will hold you accountable for the actions that you undertake to complete. Should you not accomplish these then you will need to uncover the reasons for this as there may be big and useful lessons to learn. Sometimes you will uncover uncomfortable truths and your coach will help you to confront these sympathetically and in confidence. You need to have a high degree of trust and rapport with your coach and your coach will need to combine a strength of character with a high degree of empathy. Look out for this as you answer these questions.Coaching demands a substantial investment of time, emotion, energy and finances and can deliver a massive return for you and your business. The results of leadership coaching will be seen in your levels of confidence, clarity, energy, focus, productivity, happiness and that of your team too. There will be bottom-line benefits too.So take time to reflect on how you felt after speaking to your prospective coach, and look through their experience, achievements, methodology and the other resources that they can call on. Coaching can take you on a massive journey of change at the end of which you have made a huge step change in your performance. The key question to ask is: is this the coach to guide me and travel with me on this journey?If you are keen to make a change and think that coaching is right for you, the first step, if you haven't already, is to book a free trial coaching session. All coaches should offer this. Typically I do these on Skype for 20 to 30 minutes, others may do them face-to-face for an hour. Whatever the format, if you like the experience and wish to sign up to a coaching programme then you can discuss that after the trial session. Even if you don't sign up the trial session will generate some benefit for you personally.Remember, that any top class athlete will see a sports Melinda as an essential part of their sporting life, teaching, guiding, inspiring, motivating them and holding them to account in their training. In the same way, if you are serious about your business or career and getting to the next level, then a leadership coach is an important part of your performance as a leader. Just think what it will be like to have your own coach, pushing you, guiding you, encouraging you, keeping you on track and celebrating your success with you. If that is what you want, then act now and see what it is really like.Interest in helping leaders to become better coaches is at an all time high. Surveys show that employees want a great deal more coaching than they receive and there are signs that corporate America is finally trying to respond in two ways: first, they are training managers to be better coaches and second, they are using external coaches. With all this investment, what can be done to insure that it pays off with the highest possible return? There is great inconsistency in the quality and effectiveness of coaches, and the field is attracting more people at a rapid rate.To expand and improve the art of coaching triggers a series of extremely important questions for which we've not had good answers. Yet, the future success of coaching may lie in our ability to find answers to these basic questions. The purpose of this paper is to highlight how many of these questions may be addressed in large part by.

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